Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Barrio by Robert Ramirez

This essay that was written by Robert Ramirez gave us a satisfying connection to his home area called "The Barrio" and how it differs from modern day cities. He gave us an even better visual description of "The Barrio", describing it in a comfortable home like scenario but also relatively harsh in terms of living conditions. He details how there are rocky roads since the townspeople dont have money to pay to the state so that they fix it, and also that running water is considered an actual luxury. He mentions many other attributes including barefoot children selling newspapers on a sunday morning to give their earnings to their families. But amongst all these harsh conditions he also writes about how much of a home it is. He describes how the people of the town are really layed back and will give credit to the locals for groceries and other neccessities. He also details predictable places and happenings that give the reader an idea of a home. He writes how people often play pool at the country club, where men try to prove themselves; while veterans stare at playboy foldouts. He also mentions how the houses are colorful, and dont have proper fences but rather old rusty ones or just green shrubs and flowers.

I like the essay for many reasons. I liked it because it was very visual and I really enjoyed how he was able to describe things through his perception. I loved how he described the passing lights through a train as "pulsing." He also made good refrences to the differences between developed cities today and "The Barrio". Its interesting how he describes cities were perhaps more cold and less oriented. It seem's like its more of a workplace all of the time rather then the home that Robert Ramirez described. I agree with this, and I can relate. I feel the same way because as I grow older I realize that im going to be in a workplace city thats more cold and industrious, despite all the goods that a city can offer. When I reflect back on my senior year at Fairfax High School, it seemed like a home to me. It seemed so because things were simpler, and the people  around me were closer than I presently feel. Everything had its own place, and was predictable to a certain extent. Reflecting on those times it makes me feel sad that they aren't around anymore.

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